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Bogor, Jakarta’s Green Neighbour

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Jakarta isn’t the only city worth visiting. For new experiences, visiting other cities around Jakarta is something that Denizens should try this holiday season. One of the cities that we recommend is Bogor. Located in the province of West Java, its close proximity to Jakarta makes it a convenient place to travel to. Moreover, coupled with some of the points below, you’ll soon see why Bogor is an endearing destination. There are many exciting things that you must know before visiting Bogor and here are some of them.

The Green Nature

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There is a striking difference in the environment between Bogor and its neighbour, Jakarta. Bogor is dubbed as the “The City of Rain” because of its high rainfall density. Even so, because it is located on relatively high plains, the city is free of floods. The constant rain causes Bogor to have a cool climate and makes it a pleasant city to visit, even to live in, even though it is not as cool as Bandung. The trees and greenery are still widely visible, which means less pollution. Since Bogor is located on a mountain region, the water is also cleaner.

It’s not surprising that the environmental elements are optimized as best as possible. The eco-friendly concept is suitable for Bogor and also helps the movement for a greener world. In addition, this “green tourism” is no less attractive for tourists than they are for locals. Tourist attractions, sports venues and overnight stays - they all carry the green concept.

Natural Excursion

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It’s clear that Bogor and Jakarta have different environments and weather, so there are many natural tourism destinations you might want to visit. First is Bogor Botanical Garden. The pride of Bogor. You can enjoy a very fresh area and taking pictures of various types of plants, you can also see the Bogor Presidential Palace or Buitenzorg. Bogor Botanical Garden is usually packed with locals on weekends, so we recommend you visit this place on weekdays in order to get more relaxing vibes.

If you and your family want to see a variety of animals, then Taman Safari is the place to go. This is the go-to for animal tourism in Bogor for as long as anyone can remember. One of the unforgettable experiences you would have at Taman Safari is feeding the animals roaming within the enclosure from your car. The animals may come right in front of your windows – much closer than if they were in cages. Last but not least, do not miss the Puncak area! A highland filled with villas. The air is cool and the land is dominated by greenery, however, it has heavy traffic because a lot of Jakartans spend their weekends here. But still, Puncak is a good place for those who want to get together with your friends for several days because Puncak offers villas “surrounded” by Bandung vibes but remains close to the capital. Oh, and don’t forget to taste the roasted corn – it's to die for!

Various Overnight Stay Options

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Bogor is the place for recommended hotels located around Jakarta and of course it can be your choice for an overnight stay with family members. From expensive five-star hotels to quality budget hotels, Bogor has it all. These hotels offer comfortable service and complete facilities, even for children. Some of the recommended hotels and resorts are located in Puncak area, optimizing its natural advantages.

Some of the recommended hotels and resorts in Bogor are Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis, Pullman Vimala Hills, Rancamaya, Novotel Bogor, and Pesona Alam. Royal Tulip and Novotel could be an option for those who like golfing. Rancamaya is an urban escape, Vimala is the perfect choice for those who prioritize peacefulness, and Pesona Alam is famous for its pine forest tourism. Royal Tulip, Pullman Vimala Hills, and Rancamaya are the five-stars hotels while Novotel and Pesona Alam are the four-star recommendations.

International Standard Sport Venues

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Bogor is also an ideal place to do sports because of its supportive natural conditions. You can jog surrounded by thematic plants in Bogor Botanical Garden. Not far from there, there is The Bucket List. The hip-happening basketball indoor arena with its unique concept - a blend between entertainment, education, and experience. Here you can try the FIBA standard basketball court and enjoy their gallery tour to see a variety of rare basketball collections and memorabilia. Adrenaline junkie? Then there are KM 0, a must-try destination for cyclists with its long and challenging tracks, and the privately managed circuits in Sentul that usually hold automotive events. Golf courses are designed by world-class golfers located on higher ground, surrounded by Gunung Salak, Gunung Gede, dan Gunung Pangrango.

Moving on to Cibinong, there is Pakansari Sport Complex. Built with international standards, you can find several sport buildings inside of the area such as Tangkas Laga and Satria Laga building. Tangkas Laga is usually used for martial art events, while Satria Laga is used for volleyball, badminton and basketball. The epicentre of this place is of course the Pakansari Stadium. The 30,000-capacity stadium once held the 2015 AFF Suzuki Cup and 2018 Asian Games. In the future, the complex is projected to hold the Olympics and extreme sports events as well.


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