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Home Renovation to Be Modern Minimalism

Source: Wohnraum

Welcoming the new year is often celebrated with new resolutions and changes, plenty of things you can do to improve the atmosphere around your neighborhood, one of which is by renovating the house. The demand for the renovation market is predicted to increase.

A minimalist home with an elegant and modern style is suitable for a tropical environment. Minimalism can be implemented in every corner of a house. Without the need to buy a new home, the dream home design as often seen on Pinterest social media can be realized by renovating your current home. One of the focal points of a house is the entrance and terrace doors.

“Wohnraum German door & window system” supplies high-quality windows and doors for the Indonesian market. Wohnraum specializes in double or triple glazed UPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) windows and doors, manufactured in some of the most modern and automated window factories in Europe, which is then imported here to your doorstep.

Wohnraum has several advantages including:

1. Titanium Technology

Characterized by excellent technical parameters - unique thermal properties, high stiffness, extraordinary gloss and high resistance surface.

2. Invisible Welding

Modern Technology provides high-quality windows with unparalleled aesthetics and near-invisible welds

3. Without Lead

With the threat of global warming, ecology is a priority. Therefore, Wohnraum windows do not contain lead.

They have a wide variety - aluminium, steel and wood. Benefits of UPVC windows and doors:


The combination of energy efficiency and soundproofing provides a better room temperature that can be enjoyed any time of the day and any day of the year. Air conditioning can be reduced while the room temperature stays consistent.


UPVC is an ultra-light but sturdy material that can be equipped with various types of multi-locking systems. The combination with double or triple glazing also lowers the risk of intruders entering from your windows.


Most windows and doors only come in limited colors. Wohnraum UPVC Windows and doors are available in 30 different colors and decors that even imitate natural wood grain.

Eco Friendly

The average lifespan of UPVC windows can range between 40-80 years and are mostly made from recyclable materials for minimal long-term impact on the environment

Wohnraum has several variations of Terrace Doors that could improve your home environment.

Tilt & Slide Doors

Sliding doors are both sturdy and practical. The advantage of sliding doors is that they can move both ways according their path – a solution for your space limitations.

This brand's products are available in many different decors and options to suit your personal preference and to perfectly match the aesthetic and performance of your Wohnraum windows.

For more information, please visit the website


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