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Sentul, Being in Nature

Sometimes, or a lot of times.. we are often occupied with the hustle of Jakarta routine. So busy and overwhelmed with work or our other activities, that all we want is to set our body and mind free for a moment.

Imagine ourselves in nature with all the green and fresh air, swimming in the clear natural water of the river by the mountain…. what a rejuvenating idea! Just thinking about it already makes our body refreshed and ready to continue with our daily life.

But imagine no more…this can come true! One of many favorite destinations is Sentul. That is if you are into greenery and fresh air. But why Sentul?

First, it's only 1 hour by car through highway from Jakarta into exit Sentul Selatan.

Second, it’s so easy to do the tour, just book one of the reliable operators and you are set.

Third, reasonable price. Normally, for 1 track of 3 hours we need to pay approximately 150k or 200k per person with or without lunch.

Fourth, there are so many route options to go on. No worries, you can choose the time length of the tour from easy to hard difficulty.

Lastly, the tracks area is already settled with walking pass. Don’t expect a clean walking path because you will walk on the mountain tracks. But this is perfect for many of us who need greenery without stress. Most of them offer fantastic variety of scenery to see, you would probably need several days to do all the tracks.

By the way, there are also plenty of options to do in Sentul besides walking in nature. There is an amusement park called “the jungle”, but unfortunately the place is closed during the pandemic. Otherwise, it is a worthwhile place for families to go to, I personally loved it because of the medium size park, perfect size for a half-day visits for you who only have a day to stroll around. And they have almost every ride from Carousel to roller coaster.

Taman Budaya is another place to go, this place offers a nature concept amusement park or playground for kids. Go to for more information.

Another thing to try out in this area is the cuisine. You can also go to Taman Budaya row for food and a place to hang out. We think the row is more or less like Seminyak in Bali with a variety of café and restaurants. The downside is, its quite famous for locals and this place can be quite full on the weekends.

But now, let’s talk about doing the walk through the green hills, or what the locals call - hiking.

HOW TO GO and Plan the Hike.

First, the most comfortable way to go there is by private car. If you don’t have a car, you can rent a car with driver or simply just order GOCAR or Taxi. As mentioned above, the exit is Sentul Selatan and follow the road until designated rendezvous point with the hiking operator. For further information, contact SEBEX Adventure +62 812 9373 9000.

Normally, the meeting point will be either Taman Budaya, mosque or Sentul parking lot. The nearer point would be the Parking lot point. Don’t worry, they will share with you the location point. From here, all you need to do is sit tight in their back of the pick-up car, and follow the instructions.

You should probably want to use sport shoes and outfits with sweat absorbent material and something that you can also use to swim in the river. The track often associated with rivers and waterfalls, which the locals call “Curug”.

Things to bring in your backpack:

1. Drinking Water.

2. Towel.

3. Extra clothes to change after a swim.

4. Sand shoes for river walk (the surface of the river is sandy with stones).

5. Walking stick.

6. First Aid kit.

7. Mosquito Spray.

8. Snacks.

If you are with kids and worry if they get hungry and cranky during the walk, in normal season there are lots of eating place. It’s a traditional bamboo hut along the track or near the waterfall offering basic food such as; noodle soup (indomie or pop mie), banana fries or simple coffee and tea.


As mentioned above, there are many tracks available for your needs. But our recommendations if you want to find a clean path with a breathtaking view, clearwater river and fresh air are as below:

1. For family with kids : Curug Barong, leuwi ceupet, leuwi Baliung Leuwi Hejo.

The Tracks are easy and short. It is around 1,5 km to 3,5 km return walking distance. Perfect for kids, and adult who want to have a relax hiking. The tracks are passing the beautiful muddy paddy field and shallow river.. Even though the rivers offer cold with fresh water, but don’t expect clear blue water. These tracks are closer to the city and are about 15-25 minutes from the rendezvous points.

2. For adults : Curug Hordeng, Curug Kembar, Curug Ciburial

This track is our favorite ones, it has mileage of approximately 7 km return walk with some ups and downs on the way to few of the waterfall and river area. The travel time to start the hike is around 1 hour by a pick-up vehicle. Once you start, you will know that this road offers some excitements. It has hilly road with amazing scenery.

The rivers are clear and fresh, perfect for a dip. You can choose which one you want to go, for a simple water feel or swim through mainstream river.

3. For Fishing or River walk : Curug Kencana

If you love fishing and crave for fishing experience in the river, then this is the place. Don’t expect to catch a large fish though, the average fish over there are groper fish. You need a “high” level ability to do fishing around here. Yes! to do fishing here is a challenge.

4. Stones and Cave experience: Goa Garunggang

This track has around 7 km return walking distance. And it offers a beautiful scenery on medium difficulty. Nice path to talk, but if you want to go to the river afterwards, the return path is very long and hard. If you have bad luck with rain, it’s almost impossible and difficult to walk in.

However, the cave is great. When you reach the area, it's full of stones which is a refreshing sight. The entrance of the cave is quite an experience, you would need to go down a set of steep stairs. While the cave itself is not big, but it’s enough to have goosebumps. We can see the little water running on the bottom of the cave, and to make it even better, there are some bats to add the excitements.

So..Do you know which track you want to go? From padi rice field to a long distance walk. Well...Whatever it is, walking on the green is an option for your weekend getaways or during weekdays where the track is not so busy, and the place is SENTUL !

Have fun!


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