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Hello out there..

We are a group of vibrant independent curious people who come from different backgrounds, different ethnicities, different nationalities and different views. Our goal is not only to give insight, but also knowledge on what's happening.

Sure, we are skeptical sometimes, but aren't you curious to see what the others think about a place? Or maybe you're getting tired of looking a perfect place for your daily needs or a place for your night out? Well... we are here to offer insights, recommendations, reviews, tips, features, and events coverage across Jakarta and Surrounding for you.

By the way, we will be happy to hear from you and always open for different views. Tell us your  ideas, advices or critics. 

And if you like to write with us, please let us know. Your support is crucial and will make us better. 

Basically, we are here for you ..We want to make sure that our content helps. Most importantly, we are here to make the best of your life !

So..Let's drive together and enjoy the ride...



ExpatLivingJakarta Team

Director : Saraswati Desch

Editor in Chief : Adam Pratama

Content writers : Marvin, Deny & Nizam

Website administrator : Drizka 

Proofreader : Andra

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