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Tips to Enjoy Ramadan Month in Jakarta

Many Muslims in Indonesia celebrate Ramadan month, and of course in Jakarta too. This Ramadan starts on 22 March 2023 and is ending on 20 April 2023. Muslims should fast (iftar) from sunrise until sunset for a whole month.

There are several traditions in Ramadan that you might feel the vibe of now, such as a more crowded mosque, free food for breaking fast not only in the mosque but also on the street, and a food bazaar. We have some tips for you, so you can enjoy this Ramadan Month in Jakarta. Let's find out!

1. Try to Eat at a Restaurant on Breakfasting Hour

This idea may be the crazy one because eating at a restaurant while on the breaking fast hour is so scrum. But, seriously you can feel the warmth of many people gathering to happy iftar together. You can also ask your special friend to accompany you, so you're not alone and still find joy!

2. Visiting Historic Mosque

When you are entering the month of Ramadan. You might realise the mosque is more crowded than usual. There is free food called 'takjil', a kind of snack to breakfasting. They serve a free main course too, such as a rice box with a side dish. Moreover, you may wonder about the historic Mosque in Jakarta, so there is a list if you want to visit.

Sunda Kelapa Mosque

This building was established in 1971. Sunda Kelapa Mosque does not look like other mosques which have a huge dome, drum, and star-moon symbol on the roof. Although, this building has a simple structure and is shaped like a ship to represent Sunda Kelapa Port. That's the area port used for Muslim Traders when they came to Indonesia in the past.

Istiqlal Mosque

If you are staying in Jakarta for a long time, you may see this building located face to face with the famous Cathedral Catholic Church. The Grand Istiqlal Mosque is known as the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. This building was inaugurated by the first president of Indonesia, Soekarno on February 22nd, 1978. When Ramadan comes at breakfasting hour (around 6 PM), you can find free takjil too!

3. Experience 'Ngabuburits' in Food Bazaar

'Ngabuburits' means an activity you do while waiting breakfasting time. One activity that many people do is looking at takjil in the food bazaar. This is a kind of food festival where many tenants sell various food, from traditional snacks, pastries, and main courses, to unique beverages that are worth it enough for you to try.

Around 3 PM you can hunt this takjil in the food bazaar at Benhil Street. You may be interested to attend Urban Food Culinary from 18 until 30 April 2023 at Senayan Park.

So, which food bazaar do you want to come to?

4. Breakfasting with Candied Dry Dates

Have you ever tried dry dates? In Ramadan, many mosques give free candied dry dates for takjil. It's kind of like date fruit made into candies. Usually, Muslim breakfasting with three dates first, before eating something else. The taste of the dry dates is sweet, sticky, chewy, and most of all will increase your blood sugar after fasting all day long. You can find this thing too at the supermarket.

So, what do you want to do this Ramadan Month?


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